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Reckless Fist PvP skill build

The latest skill build is here.

I'm just buy a new skill page and here's my new PvP skill build. I know that I should write this up, but I was having fun with it on my own.
Skill build

Short explanation

Power Assault (Skip)
Power Assault's damage isn't really high but it only cost 130 MP with the skill note. Take this if you need PATK damage skill but you can abandon it.

Shadow Step (Skip)
Leveling up Shadow Step is not necessary, Lv.1 is enough to pierce your opponent of screen.

Breaking Fist (Skip)
Useful for safe-catch but it has harsh magical damage in PvP. It has bad super armor startup also.

Burning Rush (Learn + Note)
You may think Burning Rush is worse skill. Yeah, that's true but false too. A second delay after skill is annoying, but you can catch you opponent with certain ways. Abandon this skill if you have bad speed stats, Burning Rush is worse skill without it. Leave Burning Rush level 1, if you plan to take it. Don't forget to have skill note.

Earth Break (Skip)
I found Earth Break useful for catching and mid-combo (use it after launch and in awakening mode), but it damage isn't really high. It's catching utility can be replaced to other skills. And if stun doesn't proc is waste of MP, it's big problem in team match.

Ground Impact (Master)
It's cooldown only 4 second, 25 MP cost, and heavy stun. It's knockback can be used to set up Shadow Piercing (ZZX GI for better set up). It' damage may be same as Breaking Fist, but GI is more reliable for RF (and Ground Impact is RF's skill before Skill Tree Revamp).

Counter Chance (Learn)
I have Lv. 1 Counter Chance for fast-wakeup. Increasing level if you need more accuracy boost.

Megadrill Break (Skip)
Honestly, i wanted to try Megadril Break (with skill note also). But it is not really good to use in team match, so I skip it. Has a chance for leg wound debuff, based information on Elwiki.

Maximum Cannon (Skip)
Good for catch and it's give invincibility instead super armor but it's punishable if you miss. For catch only, Lv. 1 is enough.

Cannon Blade (Skip)
It's still good for mid-combo if used of ledge. But, RF has better skill.

Seven Burst (Skip)
Only newbie like me that take Seven Burst for PvP (remember that old time). Seven Burst is a garbage both PvP and PvE.

Hell Dive (Skip)
I didn't touch this skill after Class Revamp. Just thinking it's waste 57 SP total to master it. It has better speed after revamp, though. If I don't interest to bring my HA, I replace it with Hell Dive.

Basic Magic Training (Master)
I mastered this passive, it's cost SPs from Hell Dive I skipped.

Valkryrie's Javelin (Skip)
I see this skill is so strong, but it's because Valkyrie's Javelin has unlimited max hits. More hits mean more MP and awakening bar charging to your opponent.

Taunt (Master)
Master Taunt for longer combo.

Armor Crash (Skip)
It has 100% chance now, but lower the debuff effect. Spam Armor Crash before starting your combo and before debuff duration ends (duration 7 secs, cooldown 6 secs). I see that Armor Crash and Exploding Nasod Hand is good combination and useful both 1vs1 or team match. Let's take a look it's alternative..

Weapon Crash (Max + Note)
Debuff effect buffed and has 100% chace now. Lv.1 Weapon Crash + skill note = 70% damage reduction debuff (same ase Valak's Weapon Crash). It's better to use it before ending your combo or your opponent manabreak. Useful for team match, but it's not bad for 1vs1. I master this skill because it's fun spam it to Valak. lol

Charged Bolt - Hedgehog (Max + Note)
CB has good size with skill note. I like use it in mid-combo because it has good damage and nice catching utility. Useful both 1vs1 and team match.

Charged Bolt - Bloody Thrones (Skip)
Bloody Thrones needs awakening and skill note for effectiveness. Without awakening and skill note, your target can easily escape after use it. Leg wound debuff from the skill note work to prevent them escaping (in non awakening status). It's useful for team match.

Guardian Strike (Skip)
It has good damage and size with skill note. Guardian strike is better to use in team match.

Nuclear (Skip)
I know Nuclear has good damage. But, it charges your opponent awakening bar so fast (more faster if their guild has Wrath passive).

Shadow Piercing (Max + Note)
I dumb my left SP here and have Shadow Piercing maxed. It is cheapest active skill with good PATK damage. Spam it after Ground Impact or >>X for extra damage. Obviously, you'll need the note for it to be any good.

Limit Crusher (Max)
RF's strongest active skill. Spam it during combo for burst damage.

Intermediate Magic Training (Max)
I have this passive maxed to stronger my damage.

Burning Nasod Hand (Skip)
Choose this passive if you have high critical only. But if you (have high critical but) wanted to have Armor Crash also, it's better to skip both Burning and Exploding Nasod Hand.

Exploding Nasod Hand (Max)
Taking additional damage into account, Exploding Nasod Hand can boost your damage with 100% chance for critical. It's fun to use high damage skill after passvive active.

Victory of Confidence (Skip)
This passive work if your opponent HP below 30%. Well, it's good because usually Hyper Active cooldown almost end when their HP is low. lol

Trained Body (Max)
This passive give you extra reduction damage. In PvP, offensive and defensive is somewhat equel. So I went to Trained Body.

Wild Charge (Skip)
It's so strong in awakening mode. It is better to take Wild Charge than Valkyrie's Javelin because Wild Charge only deals 1 hit blow.

Arch Enemy (Max + Note)
It has good damage with skill note in awakening mode. And it's reset KD Counter (not fully reset) also. It's not bad to use in team match, looks like.

X Crash (Skip)
I was trying this skill, and realize that I'm not good using X Crash. It's damage somewhat same to Charged Bolt. X Crash is good for team match and not bad 1vs1.

Shadow Punisher (Skip)
It has better damage better than Shadow Piercing and extra stun rate, but has extra 10 MP cost also. Useful both catch and mid-combo use, and has short super armor frame.

Spiritualised Fury (Max)
I maxed Spiritualised Fury, I need better Awakening Charge (I have Lv.3 Wrath from my guild). But it needs larger SP investment compared to Shadow Punisher.

Infernal Arm (Max)
I have Infernal Arm maxed because it's look badass and fun to use. It's good for team match, I think.

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