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Veteran Commander PvE skill build

skill build

Power Assasult
For PvE isn't needed.

Shadow Step
This isn't really needed but it will be useful in some situations. Mostly used for atacking start or evading mobs/boss attacks.

Breaking Fist
Thanks to it's super armor, Breaking Fist seems better than Shadow Step. But you are still getting damage from attack.

Burning Rush
I take Lv1 Burning Rush for Ereda only (HA is almost never used in Ereda). Actually Burning Rush can replace Shadow Step position for evading, so use one which suits to you.

Earth Break
Small damage on small area, not worth.

Ground Impact
Bad for PvE.

Megadrill Break
With note, it ignores defense and has 100% stun rate. Without note, it isn't worth.

Maximum Cannon
The good things about Maximum Cannon are low MP usage and invincibility status. It's better to skip it.

Counter Chance
Give it some SPs for accuracy boost.

Cannon Blade
Has average damage for MP2 skill. Extremely recommended in Gate of Darkness. Because VC has Harpoon Spear, Cannon Blade isn't needed.

Seven Burst
Small damage for an MP3 skill, skip.

Bursting Blade
Not bad skill with the note to burn bosses. It's better to skip it.

Basic Magic Training
Master for extra damage and defense stats.

Harpoon Spear
It gives much hits makes it not really good for bossing. Harpoon Spear is the main skill for dealing damage.

Infinity Cause
Dumb the left SPs here. Max it isn't really needed for PvE

Barrage Attack
Not much different with it's alternative. Evasion reduction isn't needed, so skip.

Flame Sword
As replacement of Bursting Blade, easier way to burn those bosses.

Mercanery Behavior
Max it if you want Overheat to not kill yourself.

Revolver Cannon - Original Piercing Ammo
OP Bomb is good for multi-target, it's better with skill note.

Revolver Cannon - High Explosion Ammo
HE bomb is good for bossing and even better with skill note. But, skill note is optional.

Hellfire Gatling
Effective for mobs with large body, much hits provide you little more MP than it's alternative. The main weakness of Hellfire Gatling is possibility to lost almost all hits by small mistakes.

Giga Prominence
Damage from Giga Prominence is a bit lower maybe and not really good in some cases. With some weakness, this skill has lower risk to use. Both Hellfire Gatling and Giga Prominence are good, choose one that you like.

Shadow Piercing
Optional. I take it.

Napalm Grenade
We have Flame Sword which can be used in mid-air with Air Slicer passive, skip.

Intermediate Magic Training
Max for extra magic damage.

Bleeding Slicer
He isn't Infinity Sword, Sword Shield Online? It isn't that bad to have this, but it will not effective I think.

Deadly Raid
Deals high total damage with overheat. Good MP1 skill for bossing.

Mercenary Survival
When your HP is below 50%, you'll receive buffs.These buffs is so useful, max this passive.

Mercenary Victory
No damage when Overhaeating is awesome, but the risk of having low HP for the passive to active is bad. For average PvEer like me, Mercenary Survival is better.

Ignition Crow - Napalm
Napalm is better for PvE, I think.

Ignition Crow - Incineration
Not really different, choose one that you like.

Air Slicer
Skills affected by this passive will can be used in mid-air (and the damage will increase too).

Shadow Backslide
Not worth for PvE.

Activate Overheat Mode!
Good for PvE, but becareful too when use it.

Burning Buster
Max HA for PvE.

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