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Taker active: Breaking Fist or Burning Rush?

Breaking Fist vs. Burning Rush

Breaking Fist is good skill for safe catching with super armor frame. This skill suit to all raven jobs.
This skill reset launch counter also. If you play BM, spamming ZZZXZ~Z Breaking Fist , is very fun.
Breaking Fist is not bad for RF and VC. But, I recommended you to replace it with Ground Impact if you play RF.
But, I'm skip Breaking Fist.
First, BF is good skill but Burning Rush is must-have.
This skill startup time is so teribble
Super Armor only appear very late into the animation.
And have low PvP modifier, 0.6

Then how about Burning Rush?

I hate this skill when I first saw it, especially after skill tree revamp.
So worst, so much so that I almost completely abandoned the skill.
But, after collecting information and practicing to use this skill. I'm fell in love with the skill LOL
The skill activates instanly, even it does get cancelled, the hitbox usually still comeout
Spam the skill button while getting combo'd, any small mistake will send them flying with only 10 MP (with skill note)
This skill stoic frame and hitbox more longer than the animation. If you attacked before you come to complete stop, your opponent only to get sent flying
This skill can't be used as catch anymore, there's no any chain to other skill or cancel the skill. Delay after skill is so worst
There are still some ways to catch your opponent after skill, but most of them involve platforms, ledges, and walls.
You can catch your target with >>X also with fast speed and right timing.
Unnoted BR vs. Noted BR?
Noted version reduced mp cost from 20 to 10, but 4 second extra cooldown is really annoying.
In 1vs1, MP management is importance, so noted version is good. But in 3vs3 and 2vs2, unnoted version more better in some case.
This skill can be used to saving your teammates with one hit finishing blow.

These two skills have different effectiveness.
Breaking Fist good for safe catch with stoic frame.
Burning Rush can be used as utlity skill.
These skills only good for PvP but useless in PvE.

Breaking Fist or Burning Rush? It's up tou you, since every player have their own playgame.
But, I'm prefer Burning Rush. Have fast activation speed, can be used to escape from being combo'd, and saving teammates.
Really good utility skill.
Breaking is not bad, actually. You can catch your opponent with only 25 MP, and if you fail you still safe with super armor frame.

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