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Mastermind PvE skill build v.2

Mastermind was revamped a few months ago that you can see the changes in Elwiki. The revamp makes Mastermind better than before, I think. I will use this build for my MM in ID server (waiting for MM to be updated). Honestly, I wanted to play MM in DE server but I can't charge ElCoins via SMS (I don't have bank account yet). So that I can't buy Slot B, MM is not fun without it NO JOKE.
So here is the skill build.

Short Explanation

Void Breaker (Skip)
It's garbage, skip it.

Pulse Bullet (Skip)
Useless for PvE.

Particle Prism (Skip)
It's good for trapping your target but you can skip Particle Prism. Better to use the SPs for necessary skill.

Energy Boom (Skip)
MM has better skill for field clearing.

Charged Impulsar (Skip)
No plan to take Pulse Bullet, so SKIP.

Mind Breaker (Skip)
It's good for reducing target's magical damage but skip it.

Research Dynamo - Dissolution (Skip)
Dissolution increase DP Gain and Non-DP skill damage. I see this passive is usefull for fast DP charge, but Install skills is categorized as DP skill (based information from Je Hae Gwon). Let's see it's alternative.

Research Dynamo - Composition (Master)
Composition reduce DP Comsummption and boost DP skill damage. Panzer Buster and Install skill's damage can be boosted with this passive. Then. how about Non-DP skill? The answer is Install - Drone Activator.

Phase Shift (Skip)
Useless for PvE.

Particle Accelerator (Skip)
This skill is really strong and it's only cost 230 MP. With Composition passive and 3 Dynamo Mutation Point you can deal very high damage. But it's can be replaced.

Neuton Bomb (Skip)
It's total damage same as Particle Accell (looks like) and cost more 70 MP.

Nasod Armor Mode - Transform (Master)
When enter Dynamo Configuration mode (awakening) or switchng installation, you will gain 9,7 MP (if mastered). It's increased damage to Transform combo also, although MM is not really reliant to his Transfrom combo.

Basic Physical Training (Skip)
Leave it Lv. 1. It's not necessary for Add to max Physical Training passive. Slot B user know that.

Install - Drone Activator (Max)
Drone Activator reduce target defense. When in Dynamo Factory Mode, Dynamo Configuration skill will homing and it's damage multiplied by 1.2. So this Install solve Composition passive problem.

Library of Limitless (Max)
I have LoL maxed because it increases base MP regen in DC (Dynamo Configuration) mode. It's Knockdown Rate reduction is not really necessary, actually.

EMP Shock (Skip)
It's damage and debuff is useless.

Panzer Buster (Max)
Good for field clearing and deals good damage. I take Panzer Buster to replace Energy Boom position.

Dynamo Configuration - Magnetron (Skip)
Magnetron isn't really good for PvE.

Dynamo Configuration - Rushing Drone (Max)
Rushing Drone is better than Magnetron in term of effectivenes (can be boosted with Dynamo Mutation Point). Their damage is not really different, actually.

Hidden Record (Skip)
It increase Max MP and Dynamo Configuration skill duration. But I taking instant DC skill only, so Hidden Record not necessary. I need extra Max MP, actually TAT

Psionic Generator (Max)
It has better damage than boosted Particle Accell, and Psionic Generator's cooldown same as Particle Accell.

Phantom Seeker (Skip)
It's good skill both bossing and field clearing, but Starfall takes it position so I leave it.

Dynamo Configuration - Pylon (Skip)
Pylon increases your MP regen and dodge but I don't take Hidden Record passive so it is not a good skill.

Dynamo Factory - Tranfrom Reinforcement (Max)
Just max it, you'll know how useful this passive.

Intermediate Strength Training (Skip)

Install - Pulse Gatling (skip)
It's only pierce once after revamp.

Install - Shooting Chaser (skip)
It's bad for PvE.

Dynamo Configuration - Fission Shot (Skip)
Fission Shot is not good for attacking multi-target.

Dynamo Configuration - Flick Disk (Max)
Flick Disk will bounce off target and disappear after 6 hit. With 1 Dynamo Mutation Point, it will fires one more missile.

Dynamo Configuration - Delayed Explosion (Max)
It's fun seeing the time before DE explode. 3, 2, 1, BOOM! I take this skill because personal thing, you can use the SP to Lv. 10 Pylon.

Install - Ultimate Fury (Skip)
Ultimate Fury has good total damage but I can't changed to other installation while using it.

Install - Starfall (Max)
It's replace Phantom Seeker, and Starfall is good combination with Drone Activator.

New Update! (Max)
It's increase base MP regen and can be stacked 3 times.

Transfrom Offense Mode (Skip)
It increases damage done by any Installments. If maxed it gives damage +8%.

Apocalypse (Max)
Max HA for PvE. Mobs focused to attack the cube. The cube has same stats as yours.

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