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Mastermind PvE skill build

After collecting information and recommendation from Je Hae Gwon, here is my plan for MM PvE build.
Waiting for Add release at DE ^^
My skill Build

Lv 15 Tracer passive:
I'm choose Research Dynamo - Composition. This passive reduce the consumption and increase damage of DP skill, like Panzer Buster. Research Dynamo - Dissolution isn't necessary, since charging DP Gauge is easy in dungeon.

Particle Accelerator and Neutron Bomb have high damage, but I prefer Panzer Buster. In PvP, Particle Accel is very good with stun affect.

Lv 25 Arc Tracer skill:
Max this skill. Install - Drone Activator is very useful, defense reduction debuff to target. And while Drone Activator is active, Dynamo Configuration skills will become homing and damage multiplied by 1,2.

Lv 30 Arc Tracer skill:
EMP Shock only good in PvP. Panzer Buster is more better. Holding skill button and pressing up or down to change angle you fire.

Lv 40 Arc Tracer skill:
Psionic Generator deals very high damage, but in some situation Phantom Seeker is better. If you play PvP also, Phantom Seeker is better. For PvE, Psionic Generator is good with only 230 MP cost.

Install - Pulse Gatling and Install - Shooting Chaser is useless in PvE.

Lv 55 Mastermind skill:
Both Ultimate Fury and Starfall is good in PvE. But I like Starfall

Lv 60 Mastermind passive:
New update! is better both PvE and PvP. If Transform Offense Mode also affect to Dynamo Configuration, I will reconsider my choice

Arc Tracer and Mastermind Dynamo Configuration skills:
Rushing Drone is good. Pylon will deplete your DP Counter, not recommended.
Je said "Flick Disk is OP." And Delayed Explosion also good.

Arc Tracer and Mastermind passive skills:
Always max Nasod Armor Mode and Dynamo Factory. Hidden Record is also good, increase your max MP. I use the left SP to Library of Limitless, this passive isn't very needed in PvE.

Always max Hyper Active skill.
Physical and Strength Training leave it Lv 1
If you have Wedding skill, reset Delayed Explosion and use the SP to Library of Limitless is not bad.

Only have 4 skill slot? This build is not bad. If you need HA just replace it to one of Dynamo Configuration skill.

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  1. Can you explain the reason why leave the training passive skill at lvl 1?

    1. Maxed important passive and skills need high SP investment and almost use all of skill points.