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Is this "The Evolution" I wanted?

The Evolution
Grand Chase (KOG) > Elsword (KOG) > Closers (Naddic Games)

Story Time
          I was tried Grand Chase (over 2 year ago) when I visiting an internet cafe. I usually play Lost Saga. I play a magician, Arme. Arme is very similar to Aisha (Elsword). That's my first time playing online side-scrolling RPG. 
          I was moved from Lost Saga to Elsword back to 2013, before Eve's release. I interested to make Raven because he is similar to Ragna (my favorite character in Lost Saga). And that's my first time using name "HardAkito". I was confused when I should choose between Sword Taker or Over Taker. Before I moved to Elsword, I play Dragon Nest for a while. When I change my warrior job, I choose Sword Master because 'concept of sword' suits to me than anything. But in Elsword, I choose Over Taker because  I wanted to try 'concept of power'. Then advancing job to Reckless Fist. RF is cool and fun, but I'm not good RF player at that time. Later on, I realized that 'concept of sword' is suits to me, because my BM playing is better. I see after Skill Tree & Skill Revamp, RF a bit nerfed. Then RF skills became OP with nerfing the attack command to balance it, after Class Revamp. Before RF Revamp, I can catch my opponent that has bad wakeup habit with XXvX. Now, I can't do it. I can't do >>^ZXX >>^X Awk ^vX too. So, the Revamp makes RF OP in PvE, Nerf in PvP. Honestly, I focused to PvE than PvP now. Arena isn't fun for me now, I still do some PvP Sparring with my friend sometimes. Thanks to KOG for this.
        Closers is interesting RPG. Because I don't try the game yet, so I cannot give detailed information about it. It has good in-game character model (need to release a loli character TAT), graphic, and user interface. But there some things I don't like from the game. First, PvP system is not fun. Reminds me to Ereda Island (Elsword, not yet updated in some server). Second, keyboard control. You can move your character up and down too instead just left and right. Z button to attack, X button to jump (makes me remember to Miku 'n Pop). About 13 button for skills. I should learn using X button for jumping. I hope my fingers can reach the skill buttons.

I see Closers and Elsword has different developer. But based information from MMOsite, some staffs who worked for Elsword is working the Closers project too. This is "The Evolution" I mean. Some staffs who worked for Grand Chase is also working for Elsword. Closers is a new game that need improvement. I will try Closers once it published in SEA or Europe. If I getting bored with Elsword, I'll move to other game just like Muru do. I hope KOG can improve Elsword so that any people who play Elsword can having fun with the game.

Thanks for reading till end.
I appreciate any comments. :D

Senin, 15 Desember 2014

Mastermind PvE skill build v.2

Mastermind was revamped a few months ago that you can see the changes in Elwiki. The revamp makes Mastermind better than before, I think. I will use this build for my MM in ID server (waiting for MM to be updated). Honestly, I wanted to play MM in DE server but I can't charge ElCoins via SMS (I don't have bank account yet). So that I can't buy Slot B, MM is not fun without it NO JOKE.
So here is the skill build.

Short Explanation

Void Breaker (Skip)
It's garbage, skip it.

Pulse Bullet (Skip)
Useless for PvE.

Particle Prism (Skip)
It's good for trapping your target but you can skip Particle Prism. Better to use the SPs for necessary skill.

Energy Boom (Skip)
MM has better skill for field clearing.

Charged Impulsar (Skip)
No plan to take Pulse Bullet, so SKIP.

Mind Breaker (Skip)
It's good for reducing target's magical damage but skip it.

Research Dynamo - Dissolution (Skip)
Dissolution increase DP Gain and Non-DP skill damage. I see this passive is usefull for fast DP charge, but Install skills is categorized as DP skill (based information from Je Hae Gwon). Let's see it's alternative.

Research Dynamo - Composition (Master)
Composition reduce DP Comsummption and boost DP skill damage. Panzer Buster and Install skill's damage can be boosted with this passive. Then. how about Non-DP skill? The answer is Install - Drone Activator.

Phase Shift (Skip)
Useless for PvE.

Particle Accelerator (Skip)
This skill is really strong and it's only cost 230 MP. With Composition passive and 3 Dynamo Mutation Point you can deal very high damage. But it's can be replaced.

Neuton Bomb (Skip)
It's total damage same as Particle Accell (looks like) and cost more 70 MP.

Nasod Armor Mode - Transform (Master)
When enter Dynamo Configuration mode (awakening) or switchng installation, you will gain 9,7 MP (if mastered). It's increased damage to Transform combo also, although MM is not really reliant to his Transfrom combo.

Basic Physical Training (Skip)
Leave it Lv. 1. It's not necessary for Add to max Physical Training passive. Slot B user know that.

Install - Drone Activator (Max)
Drone Activator reduce target defense. When in Dynamo Factory Mode, Dynamo Configuration skill will homing and it's damage multiplied by 1.2. So this Install solve Composition passive problem.

Library of Limitless (Max)
I have LoL maxed because it increases base MP regen in DC (Dynamo Configuration) mode. It's Knockdown Rate reduction is not really necessary, actually.

EMP Shock (Skip)
It's damage and debuff is useless.

Panzer Buster (Max)
Good for field clearing and deals good damage. I take Panzer Buster to replace Energy Boom position.

Dynamo Configuration - Magnetron (Skip)
Magnetron isn't really good for PvE.

Dynamo Configuration - Rushing Drone (Max)
Rushing Drone is better than Magnetron in term of effectivenes (can be boosted with Dynamo Mutation Point). Their damage is not really different, actually.

Hidden Record (Skip)
It increase Max MP and Dynamo Configuration skill duration. But I taking instant DC skill only, so Hidden Record not necessary. I need extra Max MP, actually TAT

Psionic Generator (Max)
It has better damage than boosted Particle Accell, and Psionic Generator's cooldown same as Particle Accell.

Phantom Seeker (Skip)
It's good skill both bossing and field clearing, but Starfall takes it position so I leave it.

Dynamo Configuration - Pylon (Skip)
Pylon increases your MP regen and dodge but I don't take Hidden Record passive so it is not a good skill.

Dynamo Factory - Tranfrom Reinforcement (Max)
Just max it, you'll know how useful this passive.

Intermediate Strength Training (Skip)

Install - Pulse Gatling (skip)
It's only pierce once after revamp.

Install - Shooting Chaser (skip)
It's bad for PvE.

Dynamo Configuration - Fission Shot (Skip)
Fission Shot is not good for attacking multi-target.

Dynamo Configuration - Flick Disk (Max)
Flick Disk will bounce off target and disappear after 6 hit. With 1 Dynamo Mutation Point, it will fires one more missile.

Dynamo Configuration - Delayed Explosion (Max)
It's fun seeing the time before DE explode. 3, 2, 1, BOOM! I take this skill because personal thing, you can use the SP to Lv. 10 Pylon.

Install - Ultimate Fury (Skip)
Ultimate Fury has good total damage but I can't changed to other installation while using it.

Install - Starfall (Max)
It's replace Phantom Seeker, and Starfall is good combination with Drone Activator.

New Update! (Max)
It's increase base MP regen and can be stacked 3 times.

Transfrom Offense Mode (Skip)
It increases damage done by any Installments. If maxed it gives damage +8%.

Apocalypse (Max)
Max HA for PvE. Mobs focused to attack the cube. The cube has same stats as yours.

Rabu, 03 Desember 2014

Reckless Fist PvP skill build

The latest skill build is here.

I'm just buy a new skill page and here's my new PvP skill build. I know that I should write this up, but I was having fun with it on my own.
Skill build

Short explanation

Power Assault (Skip)
Power Assault's damage isn't really high but it only cost 130 MP with the skill note. Take this if you need PATK damage skill but you can abandon it.

Shadow Step (Skip)
Leveling up Shadow Step is not necessary, Lv.1 is enough to pierce your opponent of screen.

Breaking Fist (Skip)
Useful for safe-catch but it has harsh magical damage in PvP. It has bad super armor startup also.

Burning Rush (Learn + Note)
You may think Burning Rush is worse skill. Yeah, that's true but false too. A second delay after skill is annoying, but you can catch you opponent with certain ways. Abandon this skill if you have bad speed stats, Burning Rush is worse skill without it. Leave Burning Rush level 1, if you plan to take it. Don't forget to have skill note.

Earth Break (Skip)
I found Earth Break useful for catching and mid-combo (use it after launch and in awakening mode), but it damage isn't really high. It's catching utility can be replaced to other skills. And if stun doesn't proc is waste of MP, it's big problem in team match.

Ground Impact (Master)
It's cooldown only 4 second, 25 MP cost, and heavy stun. It's knockback can be used to set up Shadow Piercing (ZZX GI for better set up). It' damage may be same as Breaking Fist, but GI is more reliable for RF (and Ground Impact is RF's skill before Skill Tree Revamp).

Counter Chance (Learn)
I have Lv. 1 Counter Chance for fast-wakeup. Increasing level if you need more accuracy boost.

Megadrill Break (Skip)
Honestly, i wanted to try Megadril Break (with skill note also). But it is not really good to use in team match, so I skip it. Has a chance for leg wound debuff, based information on Elwiki.

Maximum Cannon (Skip)
Good for catch and it's give invincibility instead super armor but it's punishable if you miss. For catch only, Lv. 1 is enough.

Cannon Blade (Skip)
It's still good for mid-combo if used of ledge. But, RF has better skill.

Seven Burst (Skip)
Only newbie like me that take Seven Burst for PvP (remember that old time). Seven Burst is a garbage both PvP and PvE.

Hell Dive (Skip)
I didn't touch this skill after Class Revamp. Just thinking it's waste 57 SP total to master it. It has better speed after revamp, though. If I don't interest to bring my HA, I replace it with Hell Dive.

Basic Magic Training (Master)
I mastered this passive, it's cost SPs from Hell Dive I skipped.

Valkryrie's Javelin (Skip)
I see this skill is so strong, but it's because Valkyrie's Javelin has unlimited max hits. More hits mean more MP and awakening bar charging to your opponent.

Taunt (Master)
Master Taunt for longer combo.

Armor Crash (Skip)
It has 100% chance now, but lower the debuff effect. Spam Armor Crash before starting your combo and before debuff duration ends (duration 7 secs, cooldown 6 secs). I see that Armor Crash and Exploding Nasod Hand is good combination and useful both 1vs1 or team match. Let's take a look it's alternative..

Weapon Crash (Max + Note)
Debuff effect buffed and has 100% chace now. Lv.1 Weapon Crash + skill note = 70% damage reduction debuff (same ase Valak's Weapon Crash). It's better to use it before ending your combo or your opponent manabreak. Useful for team match, but it's not bad for 1vs1. I master this skill because it's fun spam it to Valak. lol

Charged Bolt - Hedgehog (Max + Note)
CB has good size with skill note. I like use it in mid-combo because it has good damage and nice catching utility. Useful both 1vs1 and team match.

Charged Bolt - Bloody Thrones (Skip)
Bloody Thrones needs awakening and skill note for effectiveness. Without awakening and skill note, your target can easily escape after use it. Leg wound debuff from the skill note work to prevent them escaping (in non awakening status). It's useful for team match.

Guardian Strike (Skip)
It has good damage and size with skill note. Guardian strike is better to use in team match.

Nuclear (Skip)
I know Nuclear has good damage. But, it charges your opponent awakening bar so fast (more faster if their guild has Wrath passive).

Shadow Piercing (Max + Note)
I dumb my left SP here and have Shadow Piercing maxed. It is cheapest active skill with good PATK damage. Spam it after Ground Impact or >>X for extra damage. Obviously, you'll need the note for it to be any good.

Limit Crusher (Max)
RF's strongest active skill. Spam it during combo for burst damage.

Intermediate Magic Training (Max)
I have this passive maxed to stronger my damage.

Burning Nasod Hand (Skip)
Choose this passive if you have high critical only. But if you (have high critical but) wanted to have Armor Crash also, it's better to skip both Burning and Exploding Nasod Hand.

Exploding Nasod Hand (Max)
Taking additional damage into account, Exploding Nasod Hand can boost your damage with 100% chance for critical. It's fun to use high damage skill after passvive active.

Victory of Confidence (Skip)
This passive work if your opponent HP below 30%. Well, it's good because usually Hyper Active cooldown almost end when their HP is low. lol

Trained Body (Max)
This passive give you extra reduction damage. In PvP, offensive and defensive is somewhat equel. So I went to Trained Body.

Wild Charge (Skip)
It's so strong in awakening mode. It is better to take Wild Charge than Valkyrie's Javelin because Wild Charge only deals 1 hit blow.

Arch Enemy (Max + Note)
It has good damage with skill note in awakening mode. And it's reset KD Counter (not fully reset) also. It's not bad to use in team match, looks like.

X Crash (Skip)
I was trying this skill, and realize that I'm not good using X Crash. It's damage somewhat same to Charged Bolt. X Crash is good for team match and not bad 1vs1.

Shadow Punisher (Skip)
It has better damage better than Shadow Piercing and extra stun rate, but has extra 10 MP cost also. Useful both catch and mid-combo use, and has short super armor frame.

Spiritualised Fury (Max)
I maxed Spiritualised Fury, I need better Awakening Charge (I have Lv.3 Wrath from my guild). But it needs larger SP investment compared to Shadow Punisher.

Infernal Arm (Max)
I have Infernal Arm maxed because it's look badass and fun to use. It's good for team match, I think.

Sorry for my bad English..

When I looking back to my past posts, I feel I should write this. I'm so sorry for my poor English (i mean grammar, tenses, etc.) which may interfere. I'm high school student right now, and I learning English. Honestly, language skill is important for me. It isn't because a blog like this, that because language 'Connecting People' (pick up line from Nokia).
In that case, I'll improve my skill from now on.

Jumat, 24 Oktober 2014

Diabolic Esper skill build

The latest skill build is here.

Skill build: PvE, PvP

Energy Boom (PvE)
It's not bad skill for field clearing, so why not?

Mind Break (PvP)
With ESP passive, this skill is really good. Can be used for catch also.

Research Dynamo - Dissolution (Both)
Well.. I think DE needs high DP Charge, so this passive is useful.

Phase Shift (PvP)
Skill that you should have for PvP. Better to have ESP passive.

Particle Accelerator (PvP)
The skill have higher damage better than Gravity Buster, but this skill isn't affected by Overlimit. Stun effect is useful, so not bad to use in PvP.

Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit (Both)
The passive increase MP gain in Configuration Mode (awakening) and DP charge in Dissolution Mode (non-awakening). And it's increase Nasod Armor combo damages.

Library of Limitless (Both)
This passive increase MP regen and reduce attack's KD rate. Should maxed for PvP.

Seal of Time (Both)
Skill that all DE should have. It's Defy Time Ability very useful and it's decrease cooldown of other skills also.

Maximum Strike (PvP)
Spatiotemporal Body buffed after revamp. This skill high total damage.

Stardust Shower  (PvE)
I prefer old Stardust Shower. But it's still have good damage after revamp. Not bad to use for bossing, maybe.

Dynamo Configuration - Pylon (PvE)
Very nice to use it for bossing, it's increase MP regen also.

Mind Control (Both)
If maxed this passive, have nice effect. 5% chance for DP/MP recovery and decrease debuff duration.

Reverse Circle (PvE)
It's have high damage for 100 MP skill, so why not?

Reverse Stigma (PvP)
This skill Recall ability is useful for PvP. The skill is good for 1vs1, it seems.

Force Nova (PvE)
Cost 25 MP but recover 53. It charge DP in Configuration Mode.

Force Finger (PvP)
Same as Force Nova, but it's cost 15 MP only. The skill burn target's MP also, but have lower damage compared to Force Nova.

Moonlight Rhapsody (Both)
The rhapsody is good for extra damage. Better to use it with Dynamo Mutation Point for reduce the rhapsody interval.

Mind Circle (PvE)
Since ESP is useless for PvE (except damage reduction effect). This passive will recover 15 DP/MP if used Dynamo Mutation Point.

This passive makes Mind Break so OP :v And have change for damage reduction.

Paranoia (PvE)
Max HA for PvE.

Jumat, 12 September 2014

Diabolic Esper came to crck the time and spaces

DE (not Deutschland / German) was updated in KR. DE need high DP Charge, i think. Idk what I should write, I need more reference about DE. Seal of Time is too awesome. If you're dead, you'll back to life.

U should hhaving fun PvP

Kamis, 11 September 2014

No hitstun to Your Opponent = Your Opponent Abusing Glitch

I have experience get trap in this glitch while PvE. This glitch will make you cannot getting hitstun and even stun. It's different with Netcut. No hit anymore to your opponent =  Netcut.

Sabtu, 06 September 2014

PvP Problem: Sparring raped by OP Gears

One of all PvP Problem.

There's so many PvPer give up using Sparring because this.
Sparring users usually change their Weapon to boost their damage.
But that's still not enough, and if your opponent have high M/DEF or Red. Damage

Talking about stats..
Add + Red. Damage is so importance if you use Sparring (Refined Physique is so helpful)
Critical is best for Henir set (Equip sets from Henir)

From E Rank to SS (S+), they usually use Sparring.
But on SSS, they forced to change their equipment.
I'm keep using my sparring. Keeping your sparring or not?
It's up to you.

Thinking about Arena..
I'm do PvP Arena just because it's fun, I'm never thinking i should win or my rank.
If Arena is something that importance to you, pick up your Absolute set and fight.
In my mind, awesome stats and equip is not importance. The most importance is your ability and unique playstyle.
Keep having fun pvp. :D

Rabu, 13 Agustus 2014

Bagusnya nulis apa yak?

Hey, Bro and Sis.
Ada saran nggak buat gua nulis apa? :v

Sebenarnya ada banyak yang mau aku posting, seperti..
Speed Stats dan skill note mempengaruhi Burning Rush dalam hal mid-combo dan catching.
RF player yang menginspirasi: katonkc, Megadrill Break buat catch??
Bagaimana cara membuat pasif guild tidak terlalu berguna (buat musuhnya bukan diri sendiri :v )
Tapi entah kenapa ane males mau nulisnya :v

Nggak semua saran bisa ku turuti :v Bagi yang tidak berminat, just silent.

Sabtu, 26 Juli 2014

Taker active: Breaking Fist or Burning Rush (Indonesian)

Breaking Fist vs. Burning Rush

Breaking Fist, skill yang bagus untuk catch yang aman dengan super armor. Skill ini cocok untuk semua job Raven.
Skill ini mereset launch counter juga. Kalau kamu memainkan BM, spamming ZZZXZ~Z Breaking Fist , sangat menyenangkan.
Breaking Fist juga tidak buruk untuk RF dan VC. Tapi, Aku menyarankanmu untuk menggantikannya dengan Ground Impact kalau kamu memainkan RF.
Untuk beberapa alasan aku tidak tertarik dengan BF.
Pertama, BF adalah skill yang bagus, tetapi BR harus punya.
Kedua, waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk pengaktifan skill ini sangat mangkhawatirkan.
Super armor muncul sangat terlambat ke dalam animasinya.
Dan memiliki PvP modifier yang rendah, yaitu 0,6

Lalu bagaimana dengan Burning Rush?

Aku benci skill ini saat pertama melihatnya, terutama setelah skill tree revamp.
Begitu buruk, sampai sampai aku nyaris meninggalkan skill ini.
Tapi, setelah mengumpulkan informasi dan belajar menggunakannya. Aku jatuh cinta pada skill ini LOL
Skill ini aktif secara instan, meski ter-cancel (tergagalkan?), hitbox nya biasanya masih muncul
Spam tombol skill saat sedang di-combo (terkena combo?), kesalahan apapun akan membuat mereka melayang dengan hanya 10 MP (dengan skill note)
Stoic dan hitbox skill ini lebih lama dari animasinya. Jika kamu diserang sebelum skill ini benar-benar usai, musuhmu hanya akan terkirim terbang pergi.
Skill ini tidak bisa digunakan untuk catch sama sekali, tidak ada cara melanjutkan untuk melanjutkan ke skill lain atau meng-cancel (menggagalkan?) skillnya. Delay setelah skill sangat buruk.
Masih ada beberapa cara untuk catch (menangkap?) stelah skill, tapi kebanyakan dari mereka melibatkan platform (...), ledge (...), dan wall (tembok?)
Kamu juga bisa catch targetmu dengan >>X dengan kecepatan tinggi dan timing yang tepat.
BR tanpa note vs. BR dengan note?
BR versi note menurunkan MP cost (pemakaian MP?)  dari 20 ke 10, tetapi 4 detik tambahan cooldown sangat menyebalkan.
Dalam 1vs1, pengaturan MP sangat penting, jadi gunakan dengan skill note. Tapi di 3vs3 dan 2vs2, tapa skill note lebih baik dalam beberapa situasi.
Skill ini dapat digunakan untuk menyelamatkan anggota team-mu.

Kedua skill ini memliki perbedaan keefektifan.
Breaking Fist baik untuk catch yang aman dengan stoicnya.
Burning Rush dapat dijadikan skill pembantu.
Skill ini hanya bagus untuk PvP, tetapi tidak berguna untuk PvE.

Breaking Fist or Burning Rush? Selama player memiliki cara permainnya sendiri, terserah padamu memilih yang mana.
Tapi, aku lebih suka Burning Rush. Memiliki kecepatan aktifasi yang cepat, dapat digunakan untuk melarikan diri saat terkena combo dan menyelamatkan kawan satu tim.
Breaking Fist tidak buruk sebenarnya. Kamu bisa catch musuhmu dengan hanya 25 MP, dan jika kamu gagal kamu masif aman dengan efek super armor.

Note: Ini posting pertama saya di blog ini dengan Bahasa Indonesia. Masih banyak penulisan yang harus diperbaiki, butuh saranmu c;

Terima kasih telah mengunjungi blog saya..
Semoga harimu menyenangkan ^^

Taker active: Breaking Fist or Burning Rush?

Breaking Fist vs. Burning Rush

Breaking Fist is good skill for safe catching with super armor frame. This skill suit to all raven jobs.
This skill reset launch counter also. If you play BM, spamming ZZZXZ~Z Breaking Fist , is very fun.
Breaking Fist is not bad for RF and VC. But, I recommended you to replace it with Ground Impact if you play RF.
But, I'm skip Breaking Fist.
First, BF is good skill but Burning Rush is must-have.
This skill startup time is so teribble
Super Armor only appear very late into the animation.
And have low PvP modifier, 0.6

Then how about Burning Rush?

I hate this skill when I first saw it, especially after skill tree revamp.
So worst, so much so that I almost completely abandoned the skill.
But, after collecting information and practicing to use this skill. I'm fell in love with the skill LOL
The skill activates instanly, even it does get cancelled, the hitbox usually still comeout
Spam the skill button while getting combo'd, any small mistake will send them flying with only 10 MP (with skill note)
This skill stoic frame and hitbox more longer than the animation. If you attacked before you come to complete stop, your opponent only to get sent flying
This skill can't be used as catch anymore, there's no any chain to other skill or cancel the skill. Delay after skill is so worst
There are still some ways to catch your opponent after skill, but most of them involve platforms, ledges, and walls.
You can catch your target with >>X also with fast speed and right timing.
Unnoted BR vs. Noted BR?
Noted version reduced mp cost from 20 to 10, but 4 second extra cooldown is really annoying.
In 1vs1, MP management is importance, so noted version is good. But in 3vs3 and 2vs2, unnoted version more better in some case.
This skill can be used to saving your teammates with one hit finishing blow.

These two skills have different effectiveness.
Breaking Fist good for safe catch with stoic frame.
Burning Rush can be used as utlity skill.
These skills only good for PvP but useless in PvE.

Breaking Fist or Burning Rush? It's up tou you, since every player have their own playgame.
But, I'm prefer Burning Rush. Have fast activation speed, can be used to escape from being combo'd, and saving teammates.
Really good utility skill.
Breaking is not bad, actually. You can catch your opponent with only 25 MP, and if you fail you still safe with super armor frame.

Thanks for visit my blog..
Have a nice day ^^

Rabu, 23 Juli 2014

Revamped RF: Nerf in PvP, OP in PvE

RF has revamped in KR server. The revamp make RF skills more better, but make the attack commands worst especially in PvP.

List of changes:
Main Rebalance
Additional Balance

RF after revamp seems similar to his Epic NPC, Valak.
ZZXX have delay after last attack, you can cancel it with back dash.
ZZZ become more easier looped. Deal more damage than ZZX but have more KD.
XXvX still launch, that's good.
XX(>XX)X changed to multiattack command XX(>X~X)X.
>>^ZXX not launch anymore after revamp. There's so many player that like X Drop after >>^ZXX, if this command not launch they can do X Drop after it.
Number of hits increased >>^X, increased hits mean increased KD NUOOOO!
only ZZX>XX that not changed.

Enough for attack command changes.

Increase Hell Dive's speed, decrease mp cost, but decrease the damage also.
Valkyrie's Javelin explosion hits is unlimited. Number of javelin also increased, that's mean increased skill range
Charged Bolt - Bloody Thrones have range boost also. Maybe I'll change my mind from Hedgehog to this skill after revamp.
I don't know why but KOG never revamp Charged Bolt - Hedgehog since RF release.
Guardian Strike is better than before. Increase mp regen.
Nuclear similar to Tornado now, your target will spin in the mushroom explosion.
A bit change about Limit Crusher. Nothing to worry about this skill.
That passive activation is better. Damage increased if target HP below 30 %
Wild Charge range increased
Hyper Active is more better also.

RF skills become so OP, right?
I think this revamp will make many changes to my skill build, stats, and gameplay also.

>>^ZXX cannot launch but the spikes is really something. Spam this command is very fun.
>>^X: Increased hits mean increased KD, i should becareful.
spamming XX>X>X>X also fun. PUNCH AND PUNCHS!
Max Valkyrie's Javelin. Maybe I'll change my Charged Bolt from Hedgehog to Bloody Thrones
Guardian Strike and Nuclear, I don't need it. I have better Valkyrie's Javelin :p
Keep Refined Physique! I dislike Wild Charge in PvP
Max Hyper Active!! HAHAHAHAHA!
I'm went to X Crash, maybe. =_=

So OP for PvE... .-.

BM passive: Shadow Thrust or Emergency Escape! ?

Shadow Thrust vs. Emergency Escape!

Level 60 BM passive. Important for PvP.

Let's see their effectiveness in PvP.

Start from Shadow Thrust
You need at least Lvl 1 Shadow Piercing to unlock Shadow Thrust
All Raven should have SP (Shadow Piercing) at least Lvl 1 for catching utility.
Maybe you think: If I have SP, who need Shadow Thrust
At first, i think the same thing also. But, after see Shadow Thrust with my own eyes.
Wow, that's awesome passive.
Have better range than SP. ST (Shadow Thrust) has super armor status also, if your thrust missed, you still safe.
SP for mid-range catch. ST for long-range catch. This will make you strong in horizontal position together with Wolf Fang.
ST is very recommended for PvE and if you play 3vs3. For 1vs1, this passive also good.

Now, let's talk about Emergency Escape!
This passive is recommended for PvP, especially 1vs1.
Chance for activing Shadow Step if attacked from behind. Awesome passive.
This passive will make you have good back defense. Combine with Sonic Slash and Burning Rush for front defense, nobody can break your perfect defense (except stun lol)
Useless for PvE but not bad for 3vs3 PvP.
If the passive active, don't forget to active SP. RUN FOR YOU LIFE

Okay, let's see their different.

Shadow Thrust have lower SP (Skill Points) investment better than Emergency Escape!
And Shadow Thrust is easy to unlock, you just need Lvl 1 Shadow Piercing. Emergency Escape need you to complete Expert Skill quest from Camilla.
Shadow Thrust can be used both PvP and PvE, but Emergency Escape only effective for PvP.
If you more focus to PvP, went to Emergency Escape!

Well.. It seems Shadow Thrust is better.

Umm, both of them have their effectiveness actually.
Shadow Thrust or Emergency Escape! ? It's up to you.. :D

OK, my recommendation..
If you want good defense, choose Emergency Escape!
But Shadow Thrust best for safe catching.
For PvE, always choose Shadow Thrust.

Have a nice day! ^^

Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

Els All Jobs PvE skill builds

These is my recommendation, PvE skill build for Els All Jobs

Lord Knight
I like Air Slash. Spiral Blast is good. Defense Reduction from Armor Break is useful. Armageddon Blade, give it skill note for better effectiveness. Super armor from Impact Smasher is awesome.

Max Wind Blade, this skill is deadly for 100 MP cost. I like Sword Enchant, give it skill note will make this skill very good. Rising Slash is better. I like Sword Fire better than Phoenix Talon. Always max Critical Sword.  Always LUNA BLADE

Bleed effect from Sword Shield is good. Sword Fall is not bad. Phantom Sword or Final Strike, choose whatever you like. Mirage Sting for changing your attack position. Crescent Cut or Sword Blasting, I perefer Sword Blasting.

Block and Stoic for safety utility.
Always max Hyper Active for PvE.

Senin, 21 Juli 2014

Els All Jobs 1 vs 1 PvP skill builds

I don't play Els recently but this my recommendation for 1vs1 PvP skill build.

Infinity Sword
Blade Rain only good for 3vs3

Rune Slayer
Shining Rune Buster and Sword Fire only good for 3vs3 also

Lord Knight
Sometime target can easely escape from Gigantic Slash, not recommended

I dislike Counterattack, sorry.

Note for Add pre-event: You can't play Add but only make the character.

Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

Add pre-event come to Europe

You can play Add before his release at this pre-event. You need 'Ticket for the Add Preview Creation' . How to get 'Ticket for the Add Preview Creation' ?

You can get special reward, if you have 'Ticket for the Add Preview Creation' in your inventory. 

Exchange item from Aranka

Note: Information collected from Elsword UK page and Elsword DE game.

Sabtu, 12 Juli 2014

Mastermind PvE skill build

After collecting information and recommendation from Je Hae Gwon, here is my plan for MM PvE build.
Waiting for Add release at DE ^^
My skill Build

Lv 15 Tracer passive:
I'm choose Research Dynamo - Composition. This passive reduce the consumption and increase damage of DP skill, like Panzer Buster. Research Dynamo - Dissolution isn't necessary, since charging DP Gauge is easy in dungeon.

Particle Accelerator and Neutron Bomb have high damage, but I prefer Panzer Buster. In PvP, Particle Accel is very good with stun affect.

Lv 25 Arc Tracer skill:
Max this skill. Install - Drone Activator is very useful, defense reduction debuff to target. And while Drone Activator is active, Dynamo Configuration skills will become homing and damage multiplied by 1,2.

Lv 30 Arc Tracer skill:
EMP Shock only good in PvP. Panzer Buster is more better. Holding skill button and pressing up or down to change angle you fire.

Lv 40 Arc Tracer skill:
Psionic Generator deals very high damage, but in some situation Phantom Seeker is better. If you play PvP also, Phantom Seeker is better. For PvE, Psionic Generator is good with only 230 MP cost.

Install - Pulse Gatling and Install - Shooting Chaser is useless in PvE.

Lv 55 Mastermind skill:
Both Ultimate Fury and Starfall is good in PvE. But I like Starfall

Lv 60 Mastermind passive:
New update! is better both PvE and PvP. If Transform Offense Mode also affect to Dynamo Configuration, I will reconsider my choice

Arc Tracer and Mastermind Dynamo Configuration skills:
Rushing Drone is good. Pylon will deplete your DP Counter, not recommended.
Je said "Flick Disk is OP." And Delayed Explosion also good.

Arc Tracer and Mastermind passive skills:
Always max Nasod Armor Mode and Dynamo Factory. Hidden Record is also good, increase your max MP. I use the left SP to Library of Limitless, this passive isn't very needed in PvE.

Always max Hyper Active skill.
Physical and Strength Training leave it Lv 1
If you have Wedding skill, reset Delayed Explosion and use the SP to Library of Limitless is not bad.

Only have 4 skill slot? This build is not bad. If you need HA just replace it to one of Dynamo Configuration skill.

Thanks for visit my blog,
 Have a nice day ^^

Kamis, 10 Juli 2014

My new RF and BM skill build

Here is my new BM and RF skill build

Blade Master
PvP: Shadow Step, Burning Rush, Berserker Blade, Cut Tendon, Shockwave - Devider, Wolf Fang, One Flash, Giga Drive - Limiter
PvE: Same as PvP, but change Wolf Fang to Bloody Accel, Burning Rush to Wedding skill.

Reckless Fist
PvP 1 vs. 1 : Shadow Step, Burning Rush, Hell Dive, Valkyrie's Javelin, Weapon Crash, Charged Bolt - Hedgehog, Limit Crusher, Archenemy
PvP 3 vs. 3 : Same as 1 vs. 1, just change Archenemy to Nuclear
PvE           : Shadow Step, Wedding skill, Hell Dive, Valkyrie's Javelin, Weapon Crash, Charged Bolt - Hedgehog, Limit Crusher, Infernal Arm

My recommendation: Don't use Hyper Active at Arena if you just use Sparring Set and Item Mall costume.

Rabu, 09 Juli 2014

RF passive: Burning or Exploding Nasod Hand?

Burning Nasod Hand or Exploding Nasod Hand?
Importance passive for RF, i think.
Both Burning / Exploding Nasod Hand have their weakness and effectiveness.

 Let's start from Burning Nasod Hand. Effect:

Nice passive both PvP and PvE. In PvP, this passive is effective for fighting target that have weak magic defense like BM haha.
This passive will not make change to your attack commands, nothing added into your attack command, with exception extra magic damage output.
For attacking character that have weak magic defense, spamming nasod arm command (like XX>XX, revamped >>^ZXX, except >>^X) is very fun.
If their character have high magic damage defense, just looping ZZ or ZZZ attack is not bad. In PvE, this passive is also good, especially for 2-x boss. Other interesting part of this passive is
Very useful for Archenemy user in PvP.

 Now, Exploding Nasod Hand

 This passive good for PvE and not bad for PvP also.
This passive is affect some nasod arm attack active skill, like Hell Dive.
And also, with this passive you can deal severe magic and physical damage. Something bad about this passive is low chance and the damage from this passive is not pretty high.

Then let's talk about their difference

 Most RF skills is magic damage. If you choose Burning Nasod Hand, that will make you too reliant on magic damage, and this passive will lock you as pure magic damage class.
Then, how about Exploding Nasod Hand? Chance for combine both physical and magical damage, this will not make you so reliant on magic damage.

Ok, it seems Explo more better than Burn

But, remember. BNH is always active, but ENH only active occasional
ENH makes you only reliant to chance

In PvP, ENH sometime can ruin your combo. If active while use launch attack (ZZXX, >>^ZXX), this will hitstun your target instead launch them
If active whlie you X Drop them, this will give them hitstun, make your target flying (lol) about a second. With fast response, you actually can do double X Drop.

But, ENH also helpful sometime
For example, you want do ZZXX but end up pressing ZZZXX. If this passive active at very end of ZZZX attack, your target will not knocked down and you can continue combo.
This also applies to XXX. If this happen, you're so lucky :v

Then, my recommendation: BNH for PvP, ENH for PvE.

Enough for today. Thanks for visiting my blog and
  Have a nice day ^^

Selasa, 08 Juli 2014


Welcome to my blog. Hello, my name Hard Akito. I'm Elsword player.
I recently play Elsword at ID server, but sometime at DE server too
I'll come back to DE after Add updated. You can found me in Youtube also.

 Age: 15 (lol)
Hobby: Vocaloid
Favorite Character: Reckless Fist 

The first character I play is Raven, then advancing job to Over Taker-Reckless Fist.
I love RF. More good at PvE better than PvP I think, especially after last RF Revamp.
I have no problem with that, actually. lol Not just RF, I play BM too. BM is very awesome fast, I like it. Deadly in physical, but weak in magic.
Veteran Commander, i don't have one. For some reason, I don't like it.

My skill build:
  Reckless Fist | Blade Master
Planning for changing this skill build

IGN ID : BM"AkitoBlader" RF"HardAkito2nd"

IGN DE : OT"HardAkito"

 This is my first time use Blogger Your suggestion is very appreciate.

 Have a nice day ^^