Minggu, 31 Mei 2015

Diabolic Esper skill build v.2

I followed level 80 cap for this build.

PvE / PvP

Mind Break (SKIP)
It was nerfed after last revamp, so I can't guarantee it still worth taking or not. Skip it is better, i think.

Research Dynamo - Dissolution vs. Composition (Both - Master)
I choose Dissolution. I don't know, skills affected by Overlimit is categorized as DP skills or not. OK.. I don't think that Composition is good, considering DP Compsumtion Reduction isn't affect to Overlimit passive. Dissolution is looked better, faster DP charging more skills you can use. Dissolution is only work when Add attacking in Dissolution Mode (non-awakening) or attacked (awekening and non-awakening), though. Which better? It's up to you..

Phase Shift (PvP - Master)
It's must-have skill for Add in PVP.

Particle Accelerator (PvE - Master)
Don't know what to do for the left skill slot (PvE), I end up take this skill.

EMP Shock (PvP - Max)
Connect to Overlimit Combo (Nasod Armor Combo) after it. The reason is just for catch, with extra MP burn.

Dynamo Configuration - Space Crack (PvP - left SPs)
I dumb the left SPs here. When I confused what skill I should take to replace Mind Break which I skipped, I end up take this. It is looked little interesting for me.

Seal of Time (Both - Master)
This is must-have skill for all DE.

Maximum Strike (PvP - Max)
Yeah.. It has good damage, but the MP/DP usage for the skill is another matter. It still worth taking, though.

Stardust Shower (PvE - Max)
The gate size is bad, but it is still good for bossing.

Dynamo Configuration - Pylon (PvE - the left SPs)
I dumb the left SPs here. Extra MP regen isn't bad.

Reverse Stigma (SKIP)
I leave Reverse Stigma for PVP, I'm not sure it will work well or not now.

Reverse Circle (Both - Max)
It's good skill in all condition, except wall, ledge, and platform. But it damage and cooldown are just too awesome. A lot better than Stigma.

Force Nova (PvE - Max)
It can hit more than one target, so it's better for PvE.

Force Finger (PvP - Max)
It's only hit 1 target, but it is followed with MP burn also. That's good for PVP.

Moonlight Rhapsody (Both - Max)
Rhapsody debuff from this skill has good damage. So evil in team match and PvE. Good skill.

Mind Circle (Both - Max)
Since I leave Mind Break, I don't have any interest to take ESP. Only recover little MP, yup that's true. But this passive is always active.

100% damage reduction?! WOW!! But, it just 8% chance.

Paranoia (PvE - Max)
Illusion debuff is really sick.

Other passives that must be leveled max (Both):
Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit, Library of Limitless, Mind Control, and Time Control.

Note: Don't follow this build exactly if you don't sure that it will suit to you or not.

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