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RF passive: Burning or Exploding Nasod Hand?

Burning Nasod Hand or Exploding Nasod Hand?
Importance passive for RF, i think.
Both Burning / Exploding Nasod Hand have their weakness and effectiveness.

 Let's start from Burning Nasod Hand. Effect:

Nice passive both PvP and PvE. In PvP, this passive is effective for fighting target that have weak magic defense like BM haha.
This passive will not make change to your attack commands, nothing added into your attack command, with exception extra magic damage output.
For attacking character that have weak magic defense, spamming nasod arm command (like XX>XX, revamped >>^ZXX, except >>^X) is very fun.
If their character have high magic damage defense, just looping ZZ or ZZZ attack is not bad. In PvE, this passive is also good, especially for 2-x boss. Other interesting part of this passive is
Very useful for Archenemy user in PvP.

 Now, Exploding Nasod Hand

 This passive good for PvE and not bad for PvP also.
This passive is affect some nasod arm attack active skill, like Hell Dive.
And also, with this passive you can deal severe magic and physical damage. Something bad about this passive is low chance and the damage from this passive is not pretty high.

Then let's talk about their difference

 Most RF skills is magic damage. If you choose Burning Nasod Hand, that will make you too reliant on magic damage, and this passive will lock you as pure magic damage class.
Then, how about Exploding Nasod Hand? Chance for combine both physical and magical damage, this will not make you so reliant on magic damage.

Ok, it seems Explo more better than Burn

But, remember. BNH is always active, but ENH only active occasional
ENH makes you only reliant to chance

In PvP, ENH sometime can ruin your combo. If active while use launch attack (ZZXX, >>^ZXX), this will hitstun your target instead launch them
If active whlie you X Drop them, this will give them hitstun, make your target flying (lol) about a second. With fast response, you actually can do double X Drop.

But, ENH also helpful sometime
For example, you want do ZZXX but end up pressing ZZZXX. If this passive active at very end of ZZZX attack, your target will not knocked down and you can continue combo.
This also applies to XXX. If this happen, you're so lucky :v

Then, my recommendation: BNH for PvP, ENH for PvE.

Enough for today. Thanks for visiting my blog and
  Have a nice day ^^

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