Jumat, 12 September 2014

Diabolic Esper came to crck the time and spaces

DE (not Deutschland / German) was updated in KR. DE need high DP Charge, i think. Idk what I should write, I need more reference about DE. Seal of Time is too awesome. If you're dead, you'll back to life.

U should hhaving fun PvP

Kamis, 11 September 2014

No hitstun to Your Opponent = Your Opponent Abusing Glitch

I have experience get trap in this glitch while PvE. This glitch will make you cannot getting hitstun and even stun. It's different with Netcut. No hit anymore to your opponent =  Netcut.

Sabtu, 06 September 2014

PvP Problem: Sparring raped by OP Gears

One of all PvP Problem.

There's so many PvPer give up using Sparring because this.
Sparring users usually change their Weapon to boost their damage.
But that's still not enough, and if your opponent have high M/DEF or Red. Damage

Talking about stats..
Add + Red. Damage is so importance if you use Sparring (Refined Physique is so helpful)
Critical is best for Henir set (Equip sets from Henir)

From E Rank to SS (S+), they usually use Sparring.
But on SSS, they forced to change their equipment.
I'm keep using my sparring. Keeping your sparring or not?
It's up to you.

Thinking about Arena..
I'm do PvP Arena just because it's fun, I'm never thinking i should win or my rank.
If Arena is something that importance to you, pick up your Absolute set and fight.
In my mind, awesome stats and equip is not importance. The most importance is your ability and unique playstyle.
Keep having fun pvp. :D