Sabtu, 27 Juni 2015

Reckless Fist PvP skill build v.2

Everything is same as skill build v.1 with some different:

Counter Chance
Now, I leveled up this to Lv10. I need some accuracy.

Charged Bolt - Hedgehog > Charged Bot- Bloody Thorns
It's better in team match.

Exploding Nasod Hand > Burning Nasod Hand
I moved to this passive because my future plan. Explo is still good.

Infernal Arm > (Maximum Cannon) > Wild Charge
Cooldown and MP usage of Hyper Active is really something. I never use it, so I moved to Maximum Cannon. But now, I went to Wild Charge. This is just extra skill, I rarely use it.

About my future plan
I want to move back to Critical and I want new equipment set. I missed glass break sound of ciritcal. When lv80 cap come, I will need some new equipment.
And for those, I will save up my money and focus to PvE.

Testplay video:

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