Jumat, 24 Oktober 2014

Diabolic Esper skill build

The latest skill build is here.

Skill build: PvE, PvP

Energy Boom (PvE)
It's not bad skill for field clearing, so why not?

Mind Break (PvP)
With ESP passive, this skill is really good. Can be used for catch also.

Research Dynamo - Dissolution (Both)
Well.. I think DE needs high DP Charge, so this passive is useful.

Phase Shift (PvP)
Skill that you should have for PvP. Better to have ESP passive.

Particle Accelerator (PvP)
The skill have higher damage better than Gravity Buster, but this skill isn't affected by Overlimit. Stun effect is useful, so not bad to use in PvP.

Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit (Both)
The passive increase MP gain in Configuration Mode (awakening) and DP charge in Dissolution Mode (non-awakening). And it's increase Nasod Armor combo damages.

Library of Limitless (Both)
This passive increase MP regen and reduce attack's KD rate. Should maxed for PvP.

Seal of Time (Both)
Skill that all DE should have. It's Defy Time Ability very useful and it's decrease cooldown of other skills also.

Maximum Strike (PvP)
Spatiotemporal Body buffed after revamp. This skill high total damage.

Stardust Shower  (PvE)
I prefer old Stardust Shower. But it's still have good damage after revamp. Not bad to use for bossing, maybe.

Dynamo Configuration - Pylon (PvE)
Very nice to use it for bossing, it's increase MP regen also.

Mind Control (Both)
If maxed this passive, have nice effect. 5% chance for DP/MP recovery and decrease debuff duration.

Reverse Circle (PvE)
It's have high damage for 100 MP skill, so why not?

Reverse Stigma (PvP)
This skill Recall ability is useful for PvP. The skill is good for 1vs1, it seems.

Force Nova (PvE)
Cost 25 MP but recover 53. It charge DP in Configuration Mode.

Force Finger (PvP)
Same as Force Nova, but it's cost 15 MP only. The skill burn target's MP also, but have lower damage compared to Force Nova.

Moonlight Rhapsody (Both)
The rhapsody is good for extra damage. Better to use it with Dynamo Mutation Point for reduce the rhapsody interval.

Mind Circle (PvE)
Since ESP is useless for PvE (except damage reduction effect). This passive will recover 15 DP/MP if used Dynamo Mutation Point.

This passive makes Mind Break so OP :v And have change for damage reduction.

Paranoia (PvE)
Max HA for PvE.