Rabu, 29 April 2015


Just LOL

My Charged Bolt is back :3

My first Ereda Island play :3

It's really fun!
PvE and PvP at the same time :D

Long time no see, Pylons..

I'm still enjoying Delayed Explosion, but le me try it.
So.. the reason am leaving DExplo because v.22 of MM is come now.

Ereda island and massive dungeons revamp..

Time Tracer and Diabolic Esper new art..

I like this new art for Time Tracer, he looks cool than before lol
Umm.. For me, the original art is better. But, the new art is good.

DE finally come to ID server, today.

Arc Tracer's new potrait looks better. But for me, the original one is fine.

Shop Skill-Cut In finally updated (in ID server)

I've waited for update of shop skill-cut in.
And finally today, it comes..

Reckless Fist is so cool..

Eve is more cute now.. <3
For Code Empress and Code Nemesis, I prefer the original one actually. But, they are good.

I don't like Blade Master and Master Mind's. *mad*

Senin, 27 April 2015

Sabtu, 18 April 2015

Some of my old YT videos.

From the old to the newer
Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2015!
It's video about my past :3 You can see how am I that time.
Learn to use Burning Rush.
I learned how to use Burning Rush so that it can be used for catch. In this video, most of them is include platform, ledge, and walls. But actually, you can catch them with simply do >>^Z (dash jump Z) or >>X (dash X). Of course, you need a good speed stats for it.

Generate Black Hole in Normal vs. Awakening
The damage is somewhat same. If you wanted to take this skill for PvP, consider to use it in Normal.

RF user play VC vs. VC user play RF
I and my friend, SsxHery (XdjHery in this video), exchange character and do a PvP sparring. It's really fun and I can learn about VC lively. Ahh.. I hate Flame Sword, it's hitstun same as Bleeding Slicer.

Let's see how many times you can do this
Yeahh.. A nice place for practicing >>^Z loop.

My precious Archenemy
This is video about my love to Archenemy :3

Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015!
Happy New Year 2015! (lol)

Video with viewer over than 6000.

Rabu, 15 April 2015

Mastermind PvP skill build v.1.2

So here MM PvP skill build with some short explanation.
Actually, I don't have any plan to play PvP with my Mastermind, since I focused to play my other character.
And my MM stuck at level 56 also :3 Only write anything about this skill build which in my mind
Just forget it.. Here is the skill build

Lv.80 (bonus)

Note: These explanation for Lv.70.

Short Explanation

Void Breaker (Skip)
It costs 200 MP, that's waste of MP, considering the damage isn't equel with the MP used for the skill.

Pulse Bullet
It's damage is low, but it isn't bad skill with the passive.

Particle Prism (Master)
With the skill note, it's really good skill. Your opponent can't manabreak and they can't run. Particularry useful for team match

Energy Boom
You can connect to Transform combo after it, but it's NOT RECOMMENDED, since MM isn't reliant to his Transform combo.

Charged Impulsar
It makes Pulse Bullet better a lot.

Mind Breaker
In my point of view, this skill isn't really different with Pulse Bullet, but Mind Breaker has better vertical range and fast startup. It's reduce opponent magical damage also.

Research Dynamo - Dissolution
Dissolution is increase DP Charge stat. It's useful because you can active Dynamo Configuration Mode (or DP Mode, I like call it DC Mode) and fulfill your MP bar by changing Install repeatly.

Research Dynamo - Composition
Composition is lowered DP Comsumption. It's really different in some ways, but it depends on the player. For me, Composition is better because I'm so reliant to my DC Mode, looks like.

Phase Shift
It works nice if used correctly, can be used for catch and trap (maybe).

Particle Accelerator
Particle Accel deals high damage with extra stun, but it's not work well to opponent with good defense (or you can say Reduction Damage) stat.

Neuton Bomb
Just like Energy Boom, you can connect to Transform combo after it. B-But.. Neutrom Bomb's damage is lower than Particle Accel (and Phantom Seeker, maybe) and costs extra 70 MP (from Particle Accel).

Basic Physical Training
Just leave it Lv. 1.

Nasod Armor Mode - Transform
When enter Dynamo Configuration mode or switchng installation, you will gain 9,7 MP (master). It's increased damage to Transform combo also, although MM is not really reliant to his Transfrom combo.

Install - Drone Activator
Must maxed. Use all your DC skills or high damage special active after it, can deals a lot of damage. Can used for horizontal range catch also.

Library of Limitless
LoL gives faster MP regeneration in DC Mode and reduced knoockdown of your attack. So it must have in PvP.

EMP Shock
I like to call it "no sucking version of Neutron Bomb," you know what i mean. It's total damage isn't a lot different with that bomb (I think) and EMP Shock does 1 hit with MP burn.

Panzer Buster
A nice skill to deal with runner (lol). But, I don't take this skill because my skill points and full skill slots. Well.. Skip this skill isn't bad decision

Dynamo Configuration - Magnetron
Magnetron is good DC skill, but Mastermind's DC skills has better damage than Arc Tracer's.

Dynamo Configuration - Rushing Drone
Even I use Drone Activator, it's homing ability seems bad.

Hidden Record
Hard Rock (ugh..). Hidden Record is prolog DC skills's duration. But, all I need is the extra Max MP.

Psionic Generator
Outrageous damage of this skill is too evil, but considering how the skill works out, I fear the skill willn't to be good.

Phantom Seeker
A good skill with good damage also. Useful in any condition. But it's weakness actually, super armored opponent (dem Elsword's Iron Body). Ghost Seeker is good to use in team match.

Dynamo Configuration - Pylon
Buffs given from the skill is good. But.. uhm.. it deals a lot of hits so that Pylon charge you opponent awakening and MP bar also at the same time.

Dynamo Factory - Tranfrom Reinforcement
It's reduced MP cost of Install skills, so it must-have. Transform Reinforcement increase Drone Duration also.

Intermediate Strength Training

Install - Pulse Gatling
It's good skill but it's not good also in other way. Better to skip it, I think.

Install - Shooting Chaser
Shooting Chaser is good for catching, since it has nice vertical and horizontal range. Just like what the skill name suggest, Chaser!

Dynamo Configuration - Fission Shot
Fission Shot works well for one target, although it's not bad for multi-target.

Dynamo Configuration - Flick Disk
Good for multi-target. However, the range between your opponents must be short or it willn't deal full hits.

Dynamo Configuration - Delayed Explosion
This time bomb is really recommended. In PvP, I use DC-DE for defense if my HP is low. It's not bad for catch also.

Install - Ultimate Fury
I choose Ultimate Fury because it attacks very fast. Although, no hitstun.

Install - Starfall
Starfall is bad in PvP. Starfall isn't good to fight moving target. So, if you plan to take it, try to not move your opponent position.

New Update!
Yay! More MP regeneration...

Transfrom Offense Mode
If maxed it gives +8% damage. MP management is a lot better in PvP, so I go with New Update!

I should wait 3 minutes for the cooldown to end. :3 It is still good to take in team match.

I'm apologize that I can't give a good explanation.

Character Review: Mastermind

Character Review: From the first original MM to the latest revamped MM.

I have interested to play MM since his release in KR. In my point of view, MM is the best Add's 2nd job, since he is good both range and melee. There were a lot of changes of the lastest revamped MM, although I prefer the original (in some things) but MM is still fun to play now.

MasterMind's first original [KR ONLY] review:
    In my mind, the first original MM is the weakest Add's job in term of damage compared to Lunatic Psyker. But look at the bright side, he is the first character with fastest MP regeneration (before PvP S3), so that his OPness is MM can spam a lot of active skills. If you watch MM old videos in Youtube, you'll notice some differents with the lastest revamped MM. For example: how to connect to special combo, no mark (in the skill slot) for the current used Install skill, and Phantom Seeker was only use 230 MP instead 300 (I saw a lot of peoples like to use this skill in PvP).
    Before his first revamp, you can connect to special combo after >>^ZZZ and special combo connecting is easier than now. However, it was removed beacuse it makes LP OP (easely spamming his outrageous special combo). Attacked when Dynamo Configuration Mode (you can call it DP Mode) active will not charge the DP gauge. It's bad or not it depends on the player, actually. But for me, it looks bothersome, since MM power depends on it. There was no mark for used install skill in the skill slot. It's somewhat annoying in PvP actually, when you want to changed to other Install but end up active the current used Install.
    So now, we've come to the end of original MM review. There are more other differents, but I think those are the major differents (Visit Elwiki if you want to know more). So, these is all I can explain. The first original MasterMind was good or not, it's depends on you. For me, he is still interesting to play.

MasterMind v.2.1 [KR only] (3/20/2014)
    The first revamp for MM. It makes MM better, for example: added mark for currently used Install, increase the damage and effectiveness of some skills. For me, MM  v.2.1 (weird name lol) was just like combination of the original and the latest revamped MM and seems to be the perfect one (compared to other). MP use (and DP) of Phantom Seeker and Psionic Generator swapped, because if not MM will became OP. Just considering how good MM even without it.
    MM v.2.1 doesn't have a lot different compared to the latest one, but he was still can doing some things in MM v.1. I can't give more explanation, but the first revamped MM was so strong. However, his weakness is still Add's bad defense and HP stats.

Mastermind v.2.2 [All servers]
    v.2.2 is just added a few minor updates. His v.2.1 seems a bit OP so that this minor revamp nerfed (just a little) some things. Limited the New Update! passive, can't connect to special combo after >>^ZZZ, I think those are the important things to remember in this revamp. There are more, actually.

    These is everything I can explain. The lastest revamped MM is still good and fun to play. Although you may like the old one (just like I prefer the old RF) in some things. As long it's fun, there is nothing to regret. I'm apologize for my rough English which may interfere.

- Mastermind's special combo is called Transform combo.
- Last Order is a character in To Aru Majutsu no Index
- Lunatic Psyker's special combo is called Battle Gear combo.

Have a nice day,
- forLastOrder (my MM nickname in ID server)

Rabu, 01 April 2015